Workshop manufacturing

PFi have a fully equipped manufacturing and servicing workshop based in Brisbane.

We have an excellent range of workshop mechanical equipment to service our clients.  With 3 mills, 2 lathes and a huge variety of associated drills, benders, saws and polishing equipment, PFi can fabricate simple or complex mechanical parts and machines. From servo-motor rebuilds to machining jobs, PFi can help you with your workshop needs.

The products and systems distributed by PFi are fully supported within this facility. The team of machinists, fitters and fabricators at PFi has the mechanical know-how to help you achieve the results you desire. Both in-house mechanical fabrication and on-site mechanical support is offered by PFi. Our resources ensure that fast turn-around times are achievable for urgent jobs.

Within our facility there is also a dedicated clean room for switchboard manufacture.