Safety systems

PFi have completed over 200 turnkey safety projects and machinery upgrades throughout the industrial market. Safety system design has and continues to be strength of the company.

We take pride in designing practical solutions, yet ensure all hazards are correctly identified and rectified.

PFi are a trusted supplier of  Safety Systems to industry. The company provides ongoing safety systems updates and upgrades to companies such as James Hardy, One Steel, Visy, Tip-Top, Amcor and Boral to name just a few.

All safety systems provided by PFi include an owner’s manual, consisting of a safety validation report, certificate of compliance, full schematics, system description and spares lists. Risk assessments can also be completed.

From concept through to completion, our engineers and tradesman ensure production downtime is kept to a minimum.

Machine Safety Upgrades

Safety upgrades have been a core strength of PFi for many years. Our staff has the expertise to upgrade your existing machinery in line with current standards and regulations as required by your site (e.g. EN ISO 13849-1, EN 62061).

Standard Perimeter Guarding

When designing machine perimeter guarding, a number of issues need to be considered that ensure a successful installation.

The guarding system that is installed around a machine should integrate successfully with the machines overall operation. Machine guarding is often the first thing noticed around plant and equipment. It is therefore critical not only to the safety of the machine, but also to the overall appearance of the plant.

PFi take the time to ensure all factors are considered before designing or quoting a guarding system.

Custom Fabricated Guarding

Unfortunately, not all guarding projects are as simple as erecting panels around a machines exterior. Some more complicated guarding projects require a customised solution. Factors such as machine cleaning, maintenance, operator access, mechanical or environmental constraints and available floor space must be considered

PFi’s workshop can fabricate all types of guards, from stainless steel to polycarbonate. If requested, guards are drafted on CAD software for approval and manufacturing tolerances and final appearances are excellent.

We specialise in designing solutions for challenging guarding applications.

Counterweight Doors

Having full access to a machine during maintenance shutdowns is generally critical. Counterweight doors are an excellent option for allowing greater access to a machine with a smaller fixed guarding footprint.

PFi have designed many counterweight door solutions that offer excellent operator and maintenance personnel access.

These doors are interlocked into the electrical circuit and correctly weight balanced to ensure low actuation force is require for access.

Light Grids and Curtains

Dangerous areas of a machine or production line that require regular operator access often utilise light curtains to protect against unauthorised entry. Light curtains are available in many sizes, up to 2000mm long and are available in various resolutions.

Curtains with a high beam resolution are required for finger and hand detection, while curtains with low resolution are required for arm and body detection. Understanding the safety requirement is critical in selecting the correct length and resolution. Failure to do this can lead to excessive hardware costs or failure to adequately guard.

Safety Scanners

Safety Scanners continuously monitor a user defined (software configured) two dimensional zone. The scanner allows for complex areas to be included in the safety zone. PFi have successfully integrated safety scanners into applications that have posed challenging design constraints.

Integrated Safety Systems

Automated machines and production lines are placing more demands on safety systems today. The integrity of the safety system cannot be compromised, thus flexible, integrated safety systems are required to ensure the machines automated operation can continue.

At PFi we offer safety systems that are software configurable and integrate seamlessly with the machine’s control system.

PFi have integrated safety systems into many of Australia’s largest manufacturing companies.