Robotics is one area of automation that is becoming more prevalent in the market place. With the cost of this technology decreasing, and the return on investment becoming much shorter, Robotics is becoming more viable even for smaller companies.

The team at PFi can help you to determine if robotics is the answer for you. To help with this decision, PFi are able to complete robotic simulations for your plant to help you visualize the outcome of a robotics project.

A robotic simulation brings your concept to life and can aid in your feasibility studies. If robotics proves to be the best solution for your case, the team at PFi has the experience to help you achieve a successful project outcome.

The development of a robotic cell typically involves additional equipment integration including a PLC system, safety system, robot gripper design and manufacture, jig design and manufacture and occasionally vision. PFi has experience in all of these areas. As such we are able to complete all tasks in house which simplifies the project management and reduces project risk.

If you are considering an automation project, please contact the team, and we will be happy to help you decide if robotics is the solution for you. Please also refer to the gallery and testimonial pages for previous robotics projects.