Custom machinery and machine upgrades

At PFi, we understand that sometimes customers face difficult hurdles whereby an off the shelf solution is not available. At PFi we have a team with a breadth of industrial experience able to design a custom piece of machinery if necessary for your case.

Coupled with excellent design know-how and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to work with you to develop a machine capable of performing the tasks you would like to achieve.

Design work is completed using 3D modelling software prior to manufacture in our fully equipped workshop. Input is always sought from the customer throughout the process to ensure the customer is fully satisfied with the solution.

Off the shelf machinery often serves the purpose of its intended use however on some occasions modifications to pre-existing machinery is what the client requires. Improvement of  its function, reliability, production capacity etc. PFI can work with most types of machines and make changes, modification and upgrades to improve safety, performance and reliability.

Machinery built by PFi is designed to be safe, practical, cost efficient and serviceable.