Bread automation

In 2014, PFi delivered a Bread automation system which was designed to perform a number of tasks previously performed by repetitive manual labour. Some of these Jobs included:

  • Forming cartons from flat pack profile
  • Capture an open cartons for robot to pack/fill
  • Receive and sort product into either cartoon or crate configuration for robot collection
  • Receive dollies full of stacked empty crates or empty dollies
  • Robot de-nests empty crates, stack them on a empty dolly and loads with bread
  • Receive a stack of empty pallets
  • Pallet handling system to deliver individual pallets to the robot palletizing point as required
  • Robot picks and places a pallet pad
  • Robot fills cartons with bread
  • Cartons are then closed and seals and delivered to a “pick conveyor”
  • Robot picks full & sealed cartons and palletizes them
  • Full pallets are then driven out of the system for collection by forklift
  • Integrated safety system