UR10 universal robot

The UR10 is the largest robot in the UR family and the one with the most muscle power. The UR10 does not compromise on precision. The UR10 will automate the processing of heavier-weight products and parts weighing up to 10kg. The UR10 has a reach up to 1300mm.

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UR5 universal robot

The UR5 is ideal for automating many processes including pick and place, sampling, testing etc. The medium sized robot arm is easy to program, fast to set up and just like the other collaborative robots in the UR family offers the fastest pay back in the industry.

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UR3 universal robot

The UR3 is ideal for automating many processes including pick and place, sampling, testing etc. The medium sized robot arm is easy to program, fast to set up and just like the other collaborative robots in the UR family offers the fastest pay back in the industry.

The UR3 is a compact and agile 6 axis robot and  is compliant with international recognised standards for operation and safety including TUV Nord EN ISO 13849-1 and ISO 14644 as well as satisfying the requirements for CLEANROOM CLASS 5.

The UR3 is the perfect colaborative robot for science, research, bio-medical research, technology and education establishments.

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Universal robots

The Universal Robot is exactly as the name implies……. Universal!.  The clever design enables the UR to operate in virtually any industry across a wide range of processes and by practically any employee. A game changer in robotics is the fact that the UR collaborative robot technology is available for the benefit of companies big or small.

It is by no accident that Universal Robots are the most successful collaborative robot manufacturer globally. Owners of Universal Robots benefit ….

  • Very fast set up. Average time to carry out a complete set up is just half a day.
  • Flexible deployment. Universal Robots understand the need for manufacturers to be agile. That is why all Universal Robots can be easily moved to different locations to perform varied tasks.
  • Easy to program. Operators with no programming experience can quickly program a UR robot arm. Thanks to patented 3d visualisation.
  • Fastest Payback. Universal Robots have an average payback of 195 days.
  • Collaborative & Safe. More than 80% of Universal Robot arms installed worldwide are operating next to humans. Cobots are able to do the jobs that humans find repetitive and dull.

Universal Robots will satisfy demanding requirements for precision, speed, optimization and also ergonomics. The versatile nature of the robot means that it can be used in positions that can make optimal use of available space allowing for personnel to  work safely around the robot as well.

Universal Robots have risen to the worlds #1 position as a result of incredibly smart design. All UR’s benefit an intuitive graphical user interface that makes showing the robot what it needs to do childs play.

Universal Robots have been awarded Certification for CLEANROOM CLASS 5 by the Internationaly renowned TUV SUD organisation for compliance with ISO 14644 and TUV NORD for EN ISO 13849-1 Pl D. Find out more about the CLEANROOM Certification.

Being designed to work in a collaborative workspace is a departure from the normal thought process we think of when we consider how robots are used in a manufacturing environment.  Universal Robots are designed to work with workers making tasks simpler and more productive. UR Collaborative Robots feature built in force sensing which causes the robot to stop if it encounters an obstacle on its route.

Furthermore within the the UR’s seperate safety system the robot is easily programmed to work at a reduced speed when a person enters a work zone. The UR can accept multiple user definable external inputs and outputs which enable the UR to be quickly and easily integrated into any existing production process.

The UR is available in three different sizes:-

UR3 3kg load, Reach – 500mm

UR5 5kg load, Reach – 850mm

UR10 10kg load, Reach – 1300mm

We are able to offer a broad range of robotic solutions for simple and complex tasks in parts finishing, quality control, assembly, handling and machine tending. PFi have the expertise to handle the most complex of manufacturing problems.

Robotics and vision products

Robotics and vision systems are rapidly growing in popularity for progressive manufacturing companies striving to compete in large domestic and international markets.

Intelligent automation utilising robotics and vision, can offer substantial returns on investment to the astute investor. With the cost of ownership decreasing over the years, robotics once only possible for large companies is now also becoming viable for small to medium business enterprises.

A Universal Robot Fitted With Vision

Our team of engineers, draftsmen, electricians and mechanical technicians have the experience to provide you with turn-key robotic solutions.


ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service. A strong solutions focus helps manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety. ABB Produce a wide range of industrial robots. PFi are able to match the application requirements with the most appropriate ABB robot. ABB has installed more than 175,000 robots worldwide. PFi is a ABB robotic systems supplier.

Universal Robots

Universal Robots are a state-of-art collaborative style robot that is world leading in design, performance and reliability. With numerous awards globally Universal Robots continue to lead the field and provide outstanding performance and repeatability while maintaining amazing precision. The Universal robot is a cost effective robotic solution that can be deployed in the workplace to replace a broad range of repetitive tasks that humans find boring and monotonous. The Universal Robot is available in three different models UR3, UR5 and UR10 capable of loads > 3kg, >5kg and > 10kg respectively. Click here to go to our UR pages.

Investing in a Universal Robot collaborative robotic solution brings the following benefits:-

  • Fast set-up
  • Flexible deployment
  • Easy programming
  • Collaborative and safe
  • Fastest payback in the industry

Machine automation products

In today’s market, manufacturers of industrial automation products are often developing new technologies to keep up with the growing needs of consumers. The result is a large choice of products for most applications, each offering their own unique benefits.

For this reason, PFi access a number of brands of automation hardware at competitive pricing. This ensures our customers receive the best products to suit their individual requirements. Product selection is based on a number of criteria, such as customer brand preference, levels of support and stock, simplicity of integration and value for money.

Some of the machine automation products supplied by PFi include:

  • AC and DC drives,
  • PLCs
  • Machine safety hardware,
  • Pneumatic products and systems,
  • Sensors
  • Touch screens,
  • Low voltage control and distribution hardware
  • Industrial PCs
  • PFI can also source additional equipment not listed above if required by the customer.


PFi is proud to be an Authorised Value Provider for ABB drives. ABB is a world leading power and automation company. PFi can supply the full range of ABB drives equipment.

Emerson / Control Techniques

With over 20 years of experience in the design, supply and commissioning of Control Techniques AC and DC drive systems, PFi can assist with the design and installation of the full range of Control Techniques products.

Exlar (Servo Actuators)

PFi are the exclusive Queensland distributor for the full range of Exlar servo actuators. Offering extremely high forces combined with precision accuracy, the Exlar actuator has an excellent reputation globally. PFi have a complete repair/service centre within their workshop, to better service their Exlar clients.

The Exlar actuator can communicate with most servo controller brands to ensure simple commissioning.


PFi have over 100 years combined experience in the sales, design and installation of Festo products.

Our association with Festo has included detailed training on their electro-pneumatic systems and servo controllers. We are an approved Festo distributor and a Festo systems integrator.

Linak (Linear Actuators)

Linak is a world leader in the manufacture of linear actuator products and systems. Linak provide innovative actuation solutions that improve people’s quality of life and working environment.

From small 12VDC plastic housing actuators for the agricultural market, through to parallel drive, aluminium housed lifting columns, the staff at PFi has successfully integrated the complete actuator range over the last 20 years.

Projects that have implemented Linak systems include hospital bed conversions (hydraulic systems were removed and replaced with Linak systems), agricultural machinery integration and other various factory applications.


PFi have had a long and successful relationship with Proface Australia. We are the exclusive Queensland distributor and have successfully integrated the Proface range of screens into many varied applications.

The Proface range includes industrial touch screens with and without on-board PLC IO functionality, industrial PC and software systems.

Schneider Electric

As a systems integrator for Schneider Electric, PFi are proud to distribute the complete range of hardware and software products available to the Australian Market. PFi utilise the complete range of low voltage power distribution products and ensure critical spares are held within our workshop stores for prompt breakdown service

Machine safety products

Safety system design has been a strength of PFi over many years.

PFi have access to a large number of quality brands of safety products. Brands such as ABB/Jokab, Sick, Balluff-Leuze, Telemecanique, Omron and Guardmaster have all been supplied and integrated successfully in previous projects.

We stock and support the full range of ABB/Jokab safety devices. To date, we have completed over 200 turnkey safety projects throughout the Australian market, ranging in size from a single safety relay and switch, through to networking of over 10 safety PLCs on a single system.

PFi also design and build mechanical safety guarding systems. We hold excellent stocks of the ABB/Jokab Quickguard modular aluminium guarding system. Our fully equipped workshop enables intricate and complex guards to be completed in house, in various materials and finishes.

ABB / Jokab Safety

Jokab Safety has manufactured safety hardware and safety software systems for over 30 years.

The staff at PFi has had a 10 year association with the Jokab product range and have installed and commissioned over 200 safety projects through the Australian Market. From stand-alone safety relays through to complex safety PLC systems, PFi have the experience to complete the project.

Various gateways are available that enable serial data transfer to most major brands of PLC.


Sick are one of the most recognised brands in the industrial safety and sensor market. PFi are distributors of the complete Sick range, including sensors, safety and associated hardware.